Le Mot is a unisex t-shirt & sweatshirt brand printed with witty French expressions, inspired by urban contemporary fashion and international streetstyle.


The brand begun with a long-time passion for words. Especially for French words because, well, everything sounds sexier in French. Born in Paris and created in Lisbon, Le Mot is a brand for all t-shirt lovers with a sense of humour who like to wear their favorite words right where they belong: on their chests, close to their hearts.


Le Mot was founded in 2017 by Susana Santos, a fashion-lover with a big crush for France and a soft-spot for Parisian style. Susana started her career in Portugal working for Elle magazine, but her strong will to discover the fashion business from the inside took her to the French capital, where she worked at luxury brands such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Nina Ricci. After 6 years living in Paris, Susana came back to her hometown, Lisbon, but the French je ne sais quoi was still missing in her life. Always on the search for unisex t-shirts with clean aesthetics and a French touch, Susana decided to found her own brand, Le Mot, to bring a little French touch to her life and to all of those craving it too.