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Our story

The story


Le Mot was founded in 2017 by Susana Santos, a fashion-lover with a big crush for France and a soft-spot for Parisian style. After 6 years living in Paris, Susana came back to her hometown, Lisbon, but the French je ne sais quoi was still missing in her life.
Always on the search for unisex t-shirts with clean aesthetics and a French touch, Susana decided to create her own brand, Le Mot, to bring a little French touch to her life and to all of those craving it too. 
Inspired by her long-time passion for words - specially for French words because, well, everything sounds sexier in French - Susana founded Le Mot, a brand for all t-shirt lovers with a sense of humour who like to wear their favorite words right where they belong: on their chests, close to their hearts.


The brand


We are building a brand for the modern lifestyle. We draw inspiration from the Parisian elegance to create timeless pieces, injected with a cool French effortless sense of style. To wear every day, all year long with a lot of attitude. 

We believe in quality, comfort and longevity. We work daily to deliver thoughtfully designed products that you will want you wear now and that you will cherish forever.

We provide everyday high-quality staples with a twist. All our pieces are crafted in 100% cotton jersey and proudly made in Portugal. 


The founder 


Susana started her career in Portugal working for Elle magazine, but she longed to immerse herself in the world of fashion in Paris. In the French capital, Susana worked in renowned fashion houses such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Nina Ricci, where she delved into the world of haute couture and heritage brands. Learning from the masters of elegance and sophistication, she honed her skills in marketing, branding, and client relations, understanding that in the realm of luxury, every detail mattered.

Despite loving Paris, with its timeless elegance and unparalleled creativity, Susana longed for the sun-drenched streets of Lisbon and six years after leaving, she came back with a newfound inspiration ignited by the vibrant pulse of the fashion capital. Paris had stirred a desire to create a brand of her own, that would celebrate the iconic style and romantic allure that permeates the streets of Paris.

“I want to create a brand that makes you feel special, that makes you dream. Our designs are sophisticated but contemporary, and every detail is carefully curated to evoke the essence of Parisian style. Our clothing is designed to accompany you on every adventure, not only now, but forever”.